Business Transformation

Organizations continuously try to transform their business models to address changing customer needs, consolidate market positions and to improve their profitability. Technological innovation, digitisation, economic factors, socio political factors and competition leads change in business landscape much faster than past. Business transformation is powerful way to go beyond incremental change, and rethink business and operating models to provide breakthrough value. Business transformation canvas connect Business strategy, transformation ambition and execution discipline to create value. We help in designing complete Business transformation strategy and its execution.

  • Growth Acceleration
  • EBITDA Improvement
  • Efficiency Improvement
  • Enterprise Performance Management
  • Business Strategy

    Strategy helps in defining the core purpose of business and establish internal consensus on the future wish to create. Its never-ending process, but periodically strategy must be divined from your market position & competition, so that the organization has a plan to act for next level of growth. We help you create unity of purpose and direction which makes your organisation cohesive and focused. Identification and articulation of organizational values helps you establish an ethical foundation for sustained business results.

    Business Plan Development

    Business entrepreneurs are busy focusing on other priorities, such as building their customer base, perfecting product, or recruiting key management. For such business people Business plan is important in two ways one in attracting investment in business and defining the direction of business. We provide help in such scenarios to develop business plan. Our services in business plan include

    • Business Plan development
    • Business Plan review
    • Pitch deck design
    • Business model design
    • Presentation design
    • In any of business plan crux remains on how you create value, capture value and deliver value. Our consulting philosophy in business plan revolves around it.

      Go to Market

      Today Go To Market strategy is commonly used as part of sales and marketing in many organisation and remains isolated from all other functions. But GTM is part of overall business strategy. None of the function works in isolation in real case scenario. R&D, production, after markets all have impact on consumers and the way we approach them. Our approach towards GTM is integrated GTM. GTM integrates business results from business objective while having account of new developments, constraints and competition. In our approach we dissect GTM as follow and considers all possible intervention scenarios of other factors / functions. In GTM we cover Product portfolio, Sales Channel, Promotion and Marketing, Sales as a single integrates function to create synergy.

      What : What value you create from product
      Whom: For whom you are creating value
      How (Channel): How to deliver value proposition
      Where to promote: Where and how to communicate the value

      Sales Planning & Demand Fulfilment

      Sales plan is road map for sales team for long term and short term and its closely linked marketing plan and financial plan. Sales plan is strategic and tactical plan for acquiring new business, growing our existing book of business and making and/or exceeding our sales quota within our sales territory. In the sales plan we consider assessment of current year, customers, product life cycle stage, competition, resources along with marketing strategy and financial plan.
      In sales plan we define strategies and tactics based on sales goal for each product or product line.


      Pricing has direct impact on profitability and market share of the organisation. But pricing as function remains neglected in most of the organisations. Parallel to it pricing also plays key role in defining positioning of a product. Pricing Strategy is basically a process that your business undergoes to set prices for each of your products/services. We work with companies to develop strong pricing capabilities.
      Our approach in Pricing strategy is to collaborates with customers so that your team can confidently implement pricing strategy for measurable, long term success otherwise in most of cases there are psychological barriers in implementation.
      We work for following solutions

      • Value based pricing structure
      • Competitive pricing structure
      • Bundled pricing
      • Segment / Channel pricing
      • Pricing Guidance for sales force


  • Supply Chain & Operation Advisory
    Supply Chain Strategy
    Logistics & Distribution
    Operational Strategy & Automation
    Warehouse Design & Layout
    Warehouse Management System & Automation
  • Logistics Business Advisory
    Business Transformation
    Business Strategy
    Business Plan Development
    Go to Market
    Sales Planning & Demand Fulfilment
  • Logistics Audit Advisory
    Logistics Cost Audit
    Logistics Process Audit
    Logistics Performance Audit
    Logistics Technology Audit
    Inventory Audit
  • Optimisation Advisory
    Cost Optimisation
    Inventory Optimisation
    Transport Optimisation
    Network Optimisation

We Work For

  • Logistics & Supply Chain.
  • E-Commerce.
  • Consumer Product.
  • Manufacturing & Industrial Product.
  • Government & NGO