Logistic cost Audit

Transportation cost audit is an important component of our Logistics Audit Offering. Transportation cost audit aims to find the unwarranted wastage and ensure that RFQ system determines the best possible cost. Companies often don’t cross check the rates provided by their vendors. This results in your organization paying more as compared to market rates. Transportation cost Audit is performed by conducting a Benchmarking study to identify gaps/inefficiencies in inward as well as the outward process.

Logistics Process Audit

A process audit is an examination of outputs to ascertain whether the activities and resources that cause them are being managed efficiently. Making sure that processes work in smooth way by saving time and increasing efficiency should be a norm for your organization. Just like a car which gives better performance when the engine works smoothly, the company performs better when the processes are less complex and well defined. This is why we evaluate your entire process as a part of Logistics Process Audit.

Logistics Performance Audit

Ever wondered, how optimum is the performance of your logistics function and how the performance of logistics function is measured? We go through complete process of vendor performance measurement and also recommend on performance matrix of logistics. Apart from KPI performance, vendor contracts may also have impact on overall business sustainability. We audit the contracts and benchmark them against industry standards. One of the key considerations in contract audit is to stimulate growth and mitigate the risk linked to contract. Our recommendation includes Reward & Penalty Mechanism to drive up the performance of your vendors.

Logistics Technology Audit

Technology plays a key role in coherent running of any organization. Evaluating your present usage of technology and providing an overview of how and which technology can increase your efficiency is the main aim of this service. We act as independent subject matter expert to evaluate scope of logogistics control tower and recommend ways to get maximum output from logistics control tower.

Inventory Audit

Stocktaking is the physical verification of the quantities and condition of items held in an inventory or warehouse.
Stocktaking audit provide following advantages:

  • Match the physical and booked quantity
  • Reveal internal theft
  • Uncover book keeping errors (Manually, and Electronic)
  • Easy reference for internal & external auditors
  • Reveal unrecorded transactions
  • Detects errors at early stage
We also serve Periodic stock audit and surprise stock audits

Inventory Audit


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