Supply Chain Strategy

Today supply chain management has got its due recognition in success of business. Apart from Product offering, after marketing, supply chain plays a vital role in customer's satisfaction as it connects organisation to customers in physical delivery of product apart from other back end supply chain activities. A healthy bottom line is also dependent on sustainable supply chain strategies, as it not only contain costs but also to generate value. We have strong supply chain expertise which can enable you in getting success in market. We cover integrated supply chain consulting practice and also go for long term partnership in implementation.
Policy level decision about product, markets, market penetration strategy, customer service strategy etc have a direct impact on supply chain strategy. All of these decision points have to be entwined with the supply chain strategy in order to achieve the objective of the firm. Even sometimes its iterative process between finalising these strategies and supply chain strategies.

Logisitics & Distribution

We provide transportation management consulting for road, rail and air domestic transport operation. Distribution strategy has direct impact on inventory levels, transportation cost and service levels. We support in formulating distribution strategy, which helps in decision related to centralizing vs decentralizing, Hub and spoke, mode of transportation, economies of scale and channel selection. We aproach in Logistics and distribution strategy revolves around impact of logistics and distribution on overall value chain of business. We Help Organisation in

  • Distributed Channel Setup
  • Logistics Cost Optimisation
  • Transportation mode selection: In city and intra city
  • Fleet Hiring
  • Owned vs outsourcing decision
  • Efficiency Matrix

Operation Strategy & Automation

This phenomena has pushed everyone to plan operational strategy coupled with technological tools. Irrespective of sub function of Supply chain technological tools are present at every activity i.e: WMS, TMS, Barcoding, RFID, VTS, auto sorting, Data analytics and so on. We help the organisations in defining operations strategy and automation in operations. Our competency lies in integrating business needs with operational flow to deliver efficiency

  • Operating Process design
  • Warehouse network design
  • Warehouse operations
  • Service performance matrix

Warehouse Design & Layout

Warehouse design is not a standalone short term activity rather, its a process which considers your future design requirement in sync with business plan in order to give best throughput, smooth operation process, efficient material flow, automation and cost optimisation. Design process start with understanding current and future requirement and converting them in facility requirement. Our expert team support in optimal warehouse design.

  • Layout Planning
  • Infrastructure design
  • Dock Management
  • Storage solution
  • Entrance management
  • Signage solution
  • Supply Chain Automation

    We help in defining and selecting a suitable IT solution for supply chain function. We provide independent strategy for WMS, TMS & IOT implementation irrespective of software or ERP. Our focus remains on capturing detailed process, activities and requirement related to supply chain operation / warehouse operation / Transport operation and covert them as specs for automation apart from organising evaluation of various software and their commercials as neutral coordinator. We work collaboratively with software companies in implementation of software.

    • Warehouse Management System
    • Transport Management System
    • Business analytics
    • IOT & Robotics
    • P2P automation
    • SnOP

      Supply chain management requires robust planning and execution follow up to be successful in market. Multi-functional collaboration, e.g. sales, procurement as well as operations are becoming critical for ensuring an efficient S&OP process. While designing SnOP process we integrate all sub function in our process canvas and evaluate impact of each process on overall value chain. Our expertise in defining SnOP process helps business in a great way in operations and also enable to handle exceptions.


  • Supply Chain & Operation Advisory
    Supply Chain Strategy
    Logistics & Distribution
    Operational Strategy & Automation
    Warehouse Design & Layout
    Warehouse Management System & Automation
  • Logistics Business Advisory
    Business Transformation
    Business Strategy
    Business Plan Development
    Go to Market
    Sales Planning & Demand Fulfilment
  • Logistics Audit Advisory
    Logistics Cost Audit
    Logistics Process Audit
    Logistics Performance Audit
    Logistics Technology Audit
    Inventory Audit
  • Optimisation Advisory
    Cost Optimisation
    Inventory Optimisation
    Transport Optimisation
    Network Optimisation

We Work For

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